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[포맷변환]THE BAMBOO-SHINING.  Coloerd korea


1997 B.F.A in Oriental Painting, College of Ewha Womans University

1999 M.F.A in Oriental Painting, Graduate School of Art Ewha Womans  University

2017  ph.D. in Oriental Painting, Graduate ( Fine Art) at Ewha Womans University



2004~2005   Instructor , College of Arts, Dea-jin University

2005~2008   Instructor , College of Arts, Su-won University

2008~2009   Instructor , College of Arts, Dan-Kook University

2009~2010   Instructor , College of Arts, Dea-jin University

2012~2013   Instructor , College of Arts, Dan-Kook University

2013         Instructor , College of Arts, Dea-jin  University

2015~2017   Instructor ,  College of Arts, Ewha  &  Su-won University



2019~2020   Gallery artpark ( Germany)

2017         GlogauAir  (Berlin ,Germany)

2015~2016   Art Studio NANDAL  ( YangPyeong   , korea)

2014          GlogauAir  ( Berlin ,Germany)


Individual Exhibition

2019   ‘The Absolute Space of Emptiness’ galerie artpark ( Karlsruhe , Germany)

2016   ‘Time & Untitle’ Jeollanam-do Okgwa Art Museum ( Okgwa)

        ‘Time & Untitle’ Kumho museum  (seoul)

2014   ‘Stay in time’ LEE GALERIE BERLIN (Germany - Berlin)

2013   ‘Walk with time’ GALLERY MANO (Seoul)

2012   ‘Beyond the Nature’ LEE GALERIE BERLIN (Germany - Berlin)

2007   ‘The memory, Time and me’ In-Sa Art Center (Seoul)  –  Korean Art Best  Artist -Grand prize

2003   ‘Nature and Sound & Harmony’  Sam-Jung Art Space (Seoul)

2002   ‘The Sound of Nature’  Kwan-Hoon Gallery (Seoul)


Exhibition for 2 Artists,

2017   ‘Infinite & Timeless’ ( Gallery  Dado)


Individual Exhibition - Booth

2008 ~ 2010  Art Karlsruhe (Germany)

2009        9th KCAF- Korean Contemporary Art Festival (The Art Museum  of  Arts     Center . Seoul)

2007        Seoul Fine Art Show (Seoul)

             Lim-Lip Art Museum -Room of 16th ,Harmony of Line & Color (Gong-Ju)

             NAAF -Northeast Asia Art Festival (Japan)

             7 th KCAF- Korean Contemporary Art Festival (The Art Museum of Arts  Center . Seoul)

2004~2006   4,5, 6th KCAF- Korean Contemporary Art Festival (The Art Museum of Arts Center . Seoul)



2007   Korean Art Best Artist - Grand prize

2006   Specially Selected Artistic Department of Korean Culture

2005   The Republic of Seoul Art Exhibition - Excellent prize

2003   Specially Selected at 14th Misul-Segai Grand art Festival &

            Selected Dan-Won Art Exhibitions (Dan-Won Museum)

2002   The 21th Selected The National Art Exhibitions

            ( Nationa Museum of Contemporary Art)

2001   The 20th Selected The National Art Exhibitions

            ( Nationa Museum of Contemporary Art)

1999   The 18th Selected The National Art Exhibitions

            ( Nationa Museum of Contemporary Art


Group Exhibitions

2020.  Paper world (Gallery artpark-Karlsruhe, Germany)

       Art Karlsruhe (Gallery artpark-Messe Karlsruhe , Germany)

2019   Under the sun (Gallery artpark-Karlsruhe ,Germany

       KIAF( Gallery Dado- Coex, Seoul)

.       PAPER WORK (Gallery artpark-Karlsruhe ,Germany)

       Discovery Art Fair Cologne (Gallery artpark- Cologne ,Germany)

       Art Karlsruhe (Gallery artpark-Messe Karlsruhe, Germany)

       ‘Walk’ (Exhibition for 3 artists - Gallery DADO, Seoul)

2018   KIAF ( Gallery Dado- Coex, Seoul)

       Jeonnam International SUMUK Biennale( Mokpo , republic of korea)

       BAMA (Gallery Dado- BEXCO, Pusan, Republic of korea,)

2017  GlogauAir Open Studios ( Berlin, Germany)

       KIAF ( Gallery Dado- Coex, Seoul)

       NONPLUS ULTRA 2017 ( Dongduk Art gallery, Seoul)

       ‘Point of View’ ( Dongduk Art gallery, Seoul)

       Beautiful Companion2017 ( Art& Criticism– Ligak Museum) )

       Gallery Art Festival (Coex, Seoul)

2016  Chaeyeon ‘ Hope’ (Ara Art center, Seoul  )

2015   KIAF,(Gallery Dado-Coex, Seoul)

       Art Taipei ( Gallery Dado-Taipei),

       BAMA (Gallery Dado-Pusan , Republic of korea) ),

       Busan Art Show ( Gallery Dado-Pusan , Republic of korea) ),

2014  Art Taipei (Gallery Dado- Taipei)

      GlogauAir Open Studios III ( Berlin,Germany)

      GlogauAir Open Studios I  ( Berlin,Germany)

2013  Art Taipei ( Gallery Dado-Taipei)

      Houston Fine Art Fair (Gallery MANO- Houston, U.S.A)

      Pusan Art Show (Pusan , Republic of korea))

2012  Korean Contemporary Art ( LEE galerie BERLIN)

      ㅂ ㅗ ㅁ  Spring ( Gallery MANO )

2011  DaeGu Art Fair ( DaeGu , Republic of korea  )

2010  CHICAGO Art Fair (Chicago, U.S.A)

2009  BERLINER LISTE (Berlin, Germany)

       New millennium of Oriental painting

       (The Art Museum of Arts  Center . Seoul)


       ( Munich, Germany)

2008  SCOPE-London –International Contemporary Art Fair ( London)

       BUSAN INTERNATIONAL ART FAIR (BUSAN, Republic of korea,)

       Elite Artist of Korean Art (Dan-Won Museum, Republic of korea,)

       5Th GONGJU INTERNATIONAL ART FESTIVAL ( Republic of korea,)

       N Gallery Grand Opening Exhibitions ( N Gallery, Republic of korea)

2007  Karlsruhe Art Fair (Berlin, Germany)

       Seoul International print ,photo& Edition works Art Fair

      (The Art Museum of Arts Center . Seoul)

       The harmony of differences

       (Gallery Mi-So. COEX InterContinental  hotel, Seoul )

       Flower, Human , May ( Gallery AKA,Seoul,)

2006   Korean Art - Vision 2007 (Ga-Na Forum Space, Seoul)

       The Vision&Direction of Contemporary Paintings(Gallery AKA,Seoul)

       Korean-France Young Artist Festival

       (Modern Culture Cent , Republic of korea )

       The Morning of Kwang Hwa Moon (Gallery Jung, Seoul)

       The Exhibitions of16Korean Contemporary Artists

       (Gallery Passage ,Praha)

       The Exhibition - 21 Artists (Gallery AKA, seooul)

2005   Korean Fine Art - Present of tomorrow II (Gallery AKA, seooul)

       Intellegence & Sensibillity (Sejung Center for the Performence of

       Art, , Republic of korea)

       Nam- Song Art Museum GrandOpening Exhibitions

       "Present of Korean fine art( Nam- Song Art Museum, Republic of korea )

       Beijing Art Expo - The 8th International Fine Art Exposition (Beijing)         




 Laserklinik Karlsruhe(Diploma in Aesthetic laser Medicine)–Karlsruhe, Germany

 PRAXISKLINIK (Dr. KOHM)-Karlsruhe, Germany

 IFS RESIDENCES – Chengdu, China

 2020, 2017,2016,2013  Art Bank – National Museum of Contemporary Art 

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